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Dr. Nicholas P. Cheremisinoff is a chemical engineer that graduated from Clarkson College of Technology. He has more than 35 years of industry, applied research, and international consulting experiences. His international experiences in many ways strengthen his expertise on legacy pollution litigation support because he has worked first hand in countries with transitioning economies where western technologies and practices have been frozen in time in a number of instances, thus enabling historical practices to be documented and quantified.

Among his international assignments he has aided various environmental regulatory agencies in countries like Jordan, Ukraine, the Balkans, and many other parts of the world to develop solid waste, air and water pollution regulations and standards that are harmonized with the U.S. regulatory system and the European Community. He has led and or participated in more than 100 pollution prevention assessments and audits at large industrial complexes such as coke chemical plants, oil refineries, steel mills, copper smelting and recycling plants, wood preserving plants, machine building plants, armaments manufacturing facilities, pulp and paper mills, tanning operations, oil terminals, gas extraction fields, gas processing plants, animal feed supplement facilities, pesticide manufacturing plants, and a number of other heavy industry sectors. Working with teams of specialists he has identified and helped to implement scores of pollution prevention projects that have resulted in millions of pounds of air emissions reductions, the recycling and elimination of comparable tonnages of solid waste, and the conservation of millions of gallons of water through recycling and source reduction practices. Many of the assignments he was on also included capturing energy efficiency credits and greenhouse gas reductions. Dr. Cheremisinoff has worked more than 30 years over a broad spectrum of projects but with emphasis on source reduction and pollution management. He has trained several thousand industry and regulatory personnel on sound environmental management practices, the application of life cycle costing tools to making investments into pollution controls, and in the retooling of companies enabling more focused commitment to reducing emissions and protecting the public and works.

Dr. Cheremisinoff focuses on Standard of Care assessments. He renders opinions Responsible Care based on careful reconstruction of facility practices. He and his staff develop the source terms needed to quantify exposures and doses.

Dr. Nicholas P. Cheremisinoff

Dr. Nicholas Cheremisinoff

Key Expert - Responsible Care

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No Pollution Enterprises

Anton Davletshin No Pollution Enterprises

Anton Davletshin

Program Manager

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Anton oversees sampling and research programs and conducts historical environmental impact assessments that aid in forensic reconstruction of legacy pollution problems. His expertise also extends to application of air dispersion simulations using AERMOD. Anton is a certified FLIR infrared thermographic scientist and oversees teams performing inspection of industrial sites. A graduate of Virginia Polytechnic Institute, he holds a degree in Construction management.

Christopher Brown No Pollution Enterprises

Christopher Brown

Technical Case Manager

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Chris works as the Technical Case Manager on environmental projects at No Pollution Enterprises. His expertise is in data management and analysis, environmental regulation research, legacy pollution reconstruction, and geospatial analysis to define the extent and impact of pollution events. Chris is a 2009 graduate of Shepherd University and holds a degree in Business Administration and Computer Science.

Mohit Dayal No Pollution Enterprises

Mohit Dayal

Senior Analyst

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Mohit is a 2008 graduate of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and holds a degree in Political Science focusing on Legal Studies. His expertise includes performing industrial data documentation and analysis, technical report analysis, data validation, project management, as well as assisting scientific research and editing of publications.